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At Reaz, your success fuels ours. We offer a unique pricing model where you only pay for the qualified leads you receive, ensuring a direct path to ROI.

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What is a qualified lead?

When is a lead considered qualified?

A qualified lead constitutes a warm introduction to a prospect that aligns with your relevance criteria. It excludes existing customers, off-target prospects, or those who fail to attend the initial meeting. Essentially, any contact that does not convert into an opportunity within your CRM does not qualify as a lead.

How is the price per lead defined?

Our pricing is calculated based on three parameters: the number of ambassador clients you have, the personas you target, and the average value of your deals.

Comprehensive Lead Generation Service

Expert Prospecting with Pay-for-Performance

Introducing our Referral Bootcamp: a 90-day, results-driven program designed to skyrocket your lead generation.

Priced between 99$ and 299$ per qualified lead and with no monthly fees, you pay only for success.

Our unique methodology has mastered the art of referrals, significantly outperforming industry standards with a referral rate over 10%.

At Reaz, your success fuels ours. We believe in a pricing model that puts your needs first and shares the rewards of your growth.

That's why we've designed a unique pricing model that aligns with your success - you only pay for the qualified leads you receive and the successful deals you close

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Get qualified leads for $119 to $399, paying only for success. Our Bootcamp combines sales expertise with advanced technology, delivering leads more efficiently than any DIY or automated platform.

Smart Referral

Leverage Reaz's advanced integrations to precisely target companies and personas in your clients' networks.

Dedicated AE

A senior Account Executive dedicated to your account, serving as your single point of contact


Our pay-per-use model and automation ensure a solid ROI without straining your resources, making it ideal for navigating financial constraints.

Security and GDPR

Rest assured, your data is secure and your clients are protected, thanks to our GDPR-compliant best practices.

Don't take any risks and get concrete results

Your investment in Reaz gives you full, unrestricted access to our platform and all its features. No limitations, no barriers to your success.