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Referral Platform for Sales Teams

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Selling is hard. We've been there, making countless cold calls, sending endless emails, and chasing elusive prospects.
But then, we discovered the game-changing secret that transforms everything.

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Enzo and Kevin, Reaz Co-founders

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of customers are willing to give a referral if asked

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Existing customers hold the key to quick business growth

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Say hello to a network of warm leads

Using Reaz, you tap into the hidden goldmine of referrals, generating high-quality leads, boosting conversion rates, and fostering unwavering customer loyalty.
You'll turn your satisfied customers into your most powerful advocates.

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Custom referral pages infinitely

Craft as many referral pages as you need according to your customer segmentation and the rewards you offer. Tailor them to mirror your business's identity.

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Engage with Respect and Consent

Connect with Care and Consent. Users decide if and when to share their contacts. They're always informed about the referral process and move at their own pace. Your data, your control.

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One click automated campains

Reaz automates referral when your customers are most likely to recommend you. More responses, more leads, less work. It's an automatic flow of warm leads, loved by sales team!

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Boosted with AI

Not just a buzzword, we've baked AI into every step of the process to save you invaluable time and make Reaz usage incredibly effortless. Your content self-generates based on the information you provide.


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Discover advantage of referral-driven growth.

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